My Unorganised Life

December 16 2011 12:58PM

Long time  I haven’t posted anything. My first semester ended a nearly a week back. It’s mini-disaster in my IISc academic life. It’s okay, one semester is not the entire life, world is not going to end here. I learned few basic concepts in topology. Well coming to the point, Yesterday I somehow ran into a Manga coloring contest page in a Naruto fans website. I saw a link to deviant-art saying “Basic Manga Coloring Tutorial”. I got excited and practiced it. This was the result of it.

August 8 2011 6:10PM

After a long time I wanted to write something here, Here it goes. One week has passed by in IISc. The courses are just picking up their pace. Math Prof is teaching in an excellent way in which I think Solomon sir used to teach. I can find some similarities in MPS Sir and Dipitiman Sen (Phy Prof). Anyway  I am liked this place teachers and classes. I think the work load will increase in future so I have to be careful in future (as well as now). Forgot to mention there are few guys who are asking some ridiculous questions that is irritating me a bit.   Well I am happy that I am learning Algorithm and Program Design (that to by working on a Linux system). I have found some guys to hang out with so I am kind of not alone in this place. I think that’s all for now.

July 14 2011 11:35PM

Today I am feeling very good. It’s because of several reasons I’ll mention some here. Today I have spent two hours with Ranjith in the morning. He is kind of totally infatuated by exploring Mathematics. I could see a lot of joy in face and an interest to explore the subject. I could hardly see  any of my classmates like that these days. Today my heart-felt very light due to a friend of mine. Thanks a lot to her. I am not doing any work I have to get a bit serious from tomorrow. 15 more days to go for IISc.

July 12 2011 9:45PM

It has been 4 days since I came home but I have the feeling of as if I came just now I don’t why. This visit to my home I am talking with my mom frequently than before I mean at least I am replying her very frequently. I was playing jokes, satire with her which I rarely used to do in past. I think Bangalore played me some sort of magic on me (may be).  I am already excited about College’s First day desperately  waiting for it. I am studying literally nothing I am just reading novels What the hell am I doing ?

July 5 2011 2:41PM

I spent a few days in the last with Suryateja , he gave me feel that a mathematician can only express who is in search of a true understanding in the subject as I feel. Anyway as my math interest is revived I am getting back on track with math I think so. My summer project is coming to end this Thursday.  I’ll continue my reading in home if possible.  Yesterday night I wrote my Project Report using MikTeX. Almost finished a few minor changes are left here and there.

June 28 2011 8.35PM

Last night I spent time with Chanchal which happened accidentally. He told me the research culture in IISc. As usual some things are totally rocked my mind in the negative sense but it is not expected from an institute like IISc as from the public view. Today I had a pleasant day. I attended a seminar on Representation of linear groups over local rings by Pooja Singla from Ben-Gurion University. The talk seemed to be energetic for me but I could barely understand anything in the whole lecture. I have solved my C programs which were pending in the afternoon. It couldn’t start my calculus reading due to last night incident I hope at least I can start it today.

June 27 2011 9.37PM

Today I did clean up for all the garbage around the system and put back most of the equipments to their respective places. I am satisfied and feeling with work I have done today but I couldn’t do much programming today. I have a few unsolved problems of C, so I’ll try to solve them at night.  I want to read the some calculus for the past few days  but I am delaying it, I have to give it a start today. That’s all for now.

June 25 2011 9.51PM

Today also nothing interesting was done in the lab. I continued my C++ learning in afternoon and evening for some time.  I did some experiments with coding and they were successful. Now I’ll resume back to my learning process.

June 25 2011 5.36AM

My energy levels are on its last leg because of this night out programming. I think I’ll leave now and I hope today afternoon some interesting work will be done.

June 25 2011 5.06AM

I researched the past hour on Google Reader, Buzz, and Blogger. I sort of understood basic idea but it is still vague to me.  I started following some people whom I know. I have to wait and see how my perceptions are going to change. I want to point out one more thing yesterday the whole day I spent with Suryateja G, he totally amazed me with his way of looking at the problems. His arguments about uniqueness in problem I posed was wonderful. I think I still have got some energy to do some more programming so I’ll continue with that.

June 25 2011 2.29AM

I am presently reading a book called C++ without Fear -Brian Overland. Nearly reached 10% of it. I learned to write a few programs giving input, getting output. Basically the most fundamental programs.

June 25 2011 12.59AM

In the middle of night I am trying to learn C++ in my department lab of IISc, Bangalore. Well I am pretty much not doing that I am facebooking a lot. I dont know how this night is going to end up.